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Summary of PC creation information


A “*” indicates an answer that might require more detail.

How did you come to Triboar?

- Alrik (Robert): When Alrik came of age to participate in the Yartar’s Hiring Fair, he took employment as a caravan guard which eventually led him to Triboar. Though young and inexperienced in such a trade, he passed himself off as capable through his physique and presence. The experience was good for Alrik as another guard taught him how to turn the butt of his staff to deliver a quick blow to the un-expecting during the travel.
- Narwa Alda (Pat): Narwa recently came into town from the wilds, intending to join the militia.
- Brockenstein Samsonia (Joel): BS was raised by priests but left to find adventure. Wandered into Triboar by accident.
- Eoth Gallenroth (Will): Two brothers left home together for adventure. Eoth had heard of Triboar’s history and his family’s part of it.
- Gortak (Will 2.0): Gortak came to Triboar as a refuge after his clan was slaughtered.

Who do you know here?

- Alrik (Robert): Alrik liked Darathra when he met her.
- Narwa Alda (Pat): Narwa was previously acquainted with Haltin. *
- Brockenstein Samsonia (Joel): BS sought out Darathra to join the legion and became acquainted with her that way. He also knows Ergala because BS is living at the Northshield house.
- Eoth Gallenroth (Will): Darathra knows Eoth’s family.
- Gortak (Will 2.0): Urgala took Gortak in.

Why did you join the militia?

- Alrik (Robert): The pay for a caravan guard is not much (most of it being quickly squandered at Everwyvern House). So, Alric applied for and was accepted for Triboar’s militia. But beyond the need for an income, the militia represented an opportunity to gain renown through established customs. Alrik desires respect and authority through “correct” channels.
- Narwa Alda (Pat): Narwa wished to gain glory and overcome the ignominy of bastardy.
- Brockenstein Samsonia (Joel): BS is motivated to protect the good people of Triboar.
- Eoth Gallenroth (Will): Darathra arranged for Eoth to join the militia, to help him build character.
- Gortak (Will 2.0): Gortak wanted to kill orcs.

Where in Triboar do you live?

- Alrik (Robert): Everwyvern House. Because Alrik had temporary gold and wished to live beyond his accustomed experience, he chose the extravagant option.
- Narwa Alda (Pat): Narwa lives with Eoth at the Fallen Orc Ranch.
- Brockenstein Samsonia (Joel): BS lives in the Northshield House.
- Eoth Gallenroth (Will): Eoth resides at the Fallen Orc Ranch.
- Gortak (Will 2.0): Gortak lives at the Northshield House

Why do you hate Haltin?

- Alrik (Robert): Alrik does not hate Haltin; he envies authority, and Haltin is higher ranked than him in Triboar.
- Narwa Alda (Pat): As a fellow creature of the forest, Narwa hates Haltin for mistreating a unicorn.
- Brockenstein Samsonia (Joel): Haltin abuses his servants, which BS finds detestable.
- Eoth Gallenroth (Will): Haltin foisted Eoth onto the newly-formed 12th Unit of the instead of letting Eoth join the prestigious 9th Unit.
- Gortak (Will 2.0): Haltin nearly trampled Gortak when Gortak first came to town.


- Alrik (Robert): A tiny chest carved to look like it has numerous feet on the bottom (45)
- Narwa Alda (Pat): Two toy soldiers, one with a missing head (52)
- Brockenstein Samsonia (Joel): A glass jar containing a weird bit of flesh floating in pickling fluid (20)
- Eoth Gallenroth (Will): A metal can that has no opening but sounds as if it is filled with liquid, sand, spiders, or broken glass (your choice) (47)
- Gortak (Will 2.0): An empty wine bottle bearing a pretty label that says, “The Wizard of Wines Winery, Red Dragon Crush, 331422-W” (93)


Player Character Details

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